Our Customers Music – FEB 2014

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My how time flies…here we are and it’s February already.  What happened to January?

Anyhoo it’s time to showcase our valued customer’s music and all I can say is WOW.

It never fails to amaze us how creatively different the arrangements can be. Enjoy and Share!

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Beauty, Brains & Talent – Gabriella de Fazio

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Gabriella de Fazio aka Dedalena

Gabriella de Fazio aka Dedalena

She’s talented! She’s down to Earth. She’s a label owner. And Guess What? She’s an amazing dance music artist.

I’m talking about Gabriella de Fazio aka Dedalena, co-owner of MorenLoud Records. If you’ve ever dreamed of rocking the music industry, chances are that Gabriella has been there, made it and bought the t-shirt.

As a business owner and dance music artist myself, I was immediately drawn to Gabriella’s perseverance and tenacity to reach for the stars and release top notch music on the co-owned label. Everything is top notch, including the brilliant producers, which are artists on the label. For them, music is like a flame that can’t be extinguished and it is this passion that fuels their desire to continue to produce quality music for the masses.

I decided to reach out to reach out to Gabriella and chat about music, the label, and various other topics. I’m honored that Gabriella took some time off to answer my questions. I hope you guys enjoy it!

As a valued Vocal Downloads customer, how do you feel about using our Vocal Mini Packs and samples?

We are very satisfied with the samples of Vocal Downloads because they are of high quality and perfectly suited to our musical needs giving a strong impact on the final product.

What inspired you to start a record label?

Since 2006 I have been managing “Theatre Studio“, an Audio and Video Production Studio together with the owner Aldo Bergamasco who set it up in 1994. In the course of the years Theatre Studio productions have been released by various labels. One day we wondered: why don’t we found a label and propose our productions directly to the market?   So, in 2011 Gabriella De Fazio and Aldo Bergamasco founded their own label Morenloud Records.  

What is your mission statement and vision for the label?

Morenloud has a precise philosophy according to which its name derives from: to propose music of high quality with a loud sound!!! Our productions are followed out in details. We prefer to give prominence to originality, not to the market trends of the moment and to invest in new products and artists.

What can we expect from MorenLoud Records in the future?

Morenloud Records has a 360 degree vision of music and it is not focused on a specific genre. We are working on several new productions that will be released with amazing 3D videos very soon.

Who is Gabriella De Fazio (Dedalena)?

Gabriella De Fazio, aka Dedalena, has always loved music and has been writing songs since she was a teenager.

Dedalena was born in Germany and currently lives in Italy. As a child she attended singing and piano lessons.  Soon after, she found her passion, songwriting. In time, this passion would pave the way to her career as a successful songwriter in the music industry.

In 2005, Gabriella joined forces with Aldo Bergamasco, aka Astralbody as her official producer.

In 2007, KULT Records NYC signed Gabriella as an artist, which garnered her a publishing deal as a songwriter with Tunch Tunch (ASCAP) and Kultivated Sounds (BMI) for the US and Sherlock Holmes Publishing for the UK.

Her first Kult Records single and video “Dreamin Moon” was released in 2010 and co-written and produced by Aldo Bergamasco, Ugo Nicolo’ and Gabriella De Fazio.  Her single was remixed by some of the top producers in dance music such as Szeifert & Krash, Louie Devito, Asi Givati, DJ Gomi, and Andy Harding.

In 2011 she was back after her smash “Dreamin Moon” with a new single and video entitled

To Live and Love”, produced by Aldo Bergamasco and released on the co-owned Italian label MorenLoud Records.

Her latest single “Cold China Sky”, produced by Aldo Bergamasco, includes the original Lounge mix and 3 remixes by the Italian producers Astralbody, Max Ice and Luke & Mar for MorenLoud Records.  “Cold China Sky is available on Beatport and many other top retail sites.

Dedalena is currently in the studio working on new tracks and videos for releases in 2014 on MorenLoud Records!

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Dedalena:  http://www.dedalena.com

MorenLoud Records:  http://www.morenloud.com

Theatre Studio:  http://www.theatrestudio.net

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Our Customers Music – December 2013

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Vocal DownloadsCan’t believe December is upon us and the 14th day at that.  Well it’s time to showcase our valued customer’s music.

It never fails to amaze us how creatively different the arrangements can be. Enjoy and Share!

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Need More Plays? We Can Help!

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With new artists emerging every day and music releases flooding every music platform that exists, the chances of your music getting discovered or listened to may be getting slimmer by the day. And, it doesn’t help that the music market is pretty saturated. If you’re lucky enough to have a huge following your chances are much better. But for the rest of us, it seems our music goes into some mysterious black hole. As artists ourselves at Vocal Downloads, we understand your frustrations and we can help you get more plays or even get some youtube views.

With over 34,000 followers and over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, we decided to test the waters and repost music that includes our vocals, while featuring the artists’ full name. The results exceeded our expectations, as well as our customers.  Not only did they gain more plays than expected, they also picked up some new followers.  And while we can’t promise anyone multi-platinum sales or a flash mob of new followers, we can guarantee you will get heard.

If you want your music heard by a wider audience, simply add the Vocal Downloads artists’ full name as a feature to your title and contact us through SoundCloud with a link to your masterpiece at www.soundcloud.com/vocaldownloads.   Leave the rest to us!


Our Customers Music – November 2013

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The beauty of mixing and matching our vocal samples is, in essence, the key to letting your individuality shine, as did the amazing producers on this post. Your creativity is unlimited in the power of your arrangement process. Our customers have proven this method over and over again.

It never fails to amaze us how creatively different the arrangements can be.  Enjoy and Share!

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