If you’re a DJ or producer with a fresh hook or hot beat and need a voice to go on top of your track, Vocal Downloads is your new best friend.

Our groundbreaking resource provides clearance free, royalty-free solutions for anyone in the music industry. Led by vocal professionals who’ve recorded with major production companies and won multiple Grammy Awards, Vocal Downloads features top-quality acapella vocal samples that cost as little as 99 cents each.

Our library contains more than 5,000 downloadable acapella samples in numerous genres, including: Gospel, Jazz, Latin, Rap, Phrases, Vocals with harmony and Vocals with FX.  We continue to expand our catalogue with the aim of providing the best collection of acapella vocal samples anywhere, saving you time and money. You can search our library using a variety of subjects, including keyword, artist and beats per minute. We also Vocal Mini Packs that link related parts to each other.

Vocal Downloads is managed by its founder, house music star D’Layna, and a group of other vocal professionals, including Santana’s longtime lead singer, 11-time Grammy winner Tony Lindsay and former Universal Music Group recording artist Ryan Duarte. We understand the challenges faced by those in the music industry and those who aspire to enter it. Our goal since we launched in 2005 has been to use technology to provide a vast, clerance free, royalty-free database of acapella vocal samples for veteran and emerging DJs and producers. We have no doubt that once you get to know our library you will understand why Vocal Downloads is the collaborator you can’t do without as you create the great grooves of tomorrow.

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