Major turned minor using Cubase 5

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DJ Karas from the Russian Federation submitted a few tips and tricks on changing key signatures.   For his contribution, we awarded him $25.00 in Download Credits for future purchases!  Congrats & thanks to DJ Karas from all the staff at Vocal Downloads!

DJ Karas

DJ Karas - Tips - Major turned minorReview the steps below and listen to the final mix which will be featured on his upcoming track titled “Can’t Help Myself” featuring Vocal Downloads artist Becky Cutler.  

Although this was done using Cubase 5, these techniques could be applied using other DAW software.


Step 1:  Came up with the piano harmony

Listen here:  Step 1
See here:  Step 1 Screenshot

Step 2: Visited and purchased vocal samples in DMajor

Listen here:  Step 2

Step 3: Edited vocals to change key signature from DMajor to Dminor

See here:  Step 3 Screenshot
Listen here:  Step 3

Step 4:  Created background vocals with auto-tune effect.

Listen here:  Step 4
See here:  Step 4 Screenshot

Step 5:  Used Vocal Whisper preset from “Tc Hellicon VoiceWorks Plus” to give vocals color (

Listen here:  Step 5
See here:  Step 5 Screenshot

Step 6:  Mixed all the tracks.

Listen here:  Step 6

Step 7:  Arranged and produced the final mix

Listen Here:   Can’t Help Myself

DJ Karas’s other works are available for sale using our vocal samples: House it Up

To hear more from DJ Karas visit his myspace page


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